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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

To stick or not to stick?

Sachin and Pepsi have separated. Period.

What does this tell you? Was Sachin pushed over other younger players by Pepsi? Does it mean his Brand image, value and sense are no longer appealing? I don't think so.

Sachin has been choosy about the brand he endorses and has a good team that decides. To think Sachin has no backup plan is silly. The question is what would happen is Sachin moved over to the other brand. I feel Sachin would be able to bring in more customers to the brand that when its without him. The reason is that the beverages as a product is a low involvement product and people don't ask for a brand and don't stop consuming other brand just because someone endorses it or has ceased to do so. But if I am selecting a 1.5 litre bottle I would love to have Sachin's pic on it. Let me be clear here I am no fanatic fan of Sachin.

I remember reading this is 'Cricket Talk'. Sachin was travelling on a jet back to India from South Africa tour. He was offered a soft drink in a glass by the air hostess. Before consuming Sachin asked if this was Pepsi to which the reply was Coke. Sachin put the glass back on the tray and asked for Pepsi and the reply was there was no Pepsi on board. Sachin smiled and asked for plain water. An elderly gentleman was sitting two rows behind him and having observed this went and asked him why he did this to which Sachin said, "I am the Brand Ambassador of Pepsi and so I shouldn't!" Sachin received a revised royalty option 2 days after he landed. Surprised Sachin's office called up Pepsi. The elderly gentleman on the flight was the Senior Vice President of Pepsi! That he does when he no one is observing him!

If this is the loyalty he shows I think he can sell any brand.
One of the reasons sachin has been around for a long time is in his ability to push himself beyond what is his limit, in his ability to readjust, realign and refocus. It is something incredible, and hence I am just waiting to see someone capitalize on his brand.

Just imagine Sachin dressed in red on a Coke bottle, or in Orange for Tropicana, or even a new Sachin flavor!


Piyush said...

Dear Tiger

The dropping of Tendulkar comes on the backdrop of Pepsi axing the other two members of the Indian batting troika -- Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly earlier this year.

Industry sources said Pepsi did not renew the contract with Tendulkar, who has been their brand ambassador since the 90s, following its decision to focus on younger cricketers.

Is it a matter of Pepsi’s inability to afford Sachin or is just a meek excuse to put him off? Well, he is an icon but his charm in media seems to be fading away. I know it’s so bitter a reality. Dhoni, Ishant, and what not? They are all ready to occupy his position, though not plausible at the moment.

In the world of business, especially in advertising, only the rising sun is worshipped. Who cares for Sachin, when you have all the new heroes thrown up by the IPL?

Ad companies are not unjustified in dropping Tendulkar. In the recent past what has he done? He has been in the news only for his injuries. OK, he is an icon. I respect him for the cricketing genius he is (or was?). But life moves on.

Unknown said...

Charm with Sachin is fading away! Good point. I think the charm fades away but the options may not be sending the person away!

Look at boost for example. It has stuck with Sachin. After all Sachin is the biggest sports personality (till now) in India. May be Pepsi has a backup strategy and may be they would be benefited by going away from sachin.