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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I am sure you must have seen this. Drunkards sleeping no where! All the hard earned money going down the drain sipping cheap liquor. What needs to be done. Telling these guys its not right does not work. You need to make them straight. Educate their children and wives. Show them vidoes what happens with too much drinking. Do something that scares these guys and makes them responsible. Something that helps them release the tension and pressure and divert the energy elsewhere, constructively.

What makes normal people behave odd and erratic. Why is everyone getting angry, rude and irresponsible? May be the pressure in your organization is too much. Is you are a manager you need to ensure your team stays healthy and happy. If you are a team member you need to ensure your colleagues and manager feel belonged and happy to come to the workplace. If you are a HR you should know what to do. Happy people produce quality work.. Anger multiplies the errors and frustration leads to sickness.

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