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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Identity Crisis

See the spark in those eyes? Well she is the latest of Aamir's new gals. Or atleast that is what she is being called now. The question of identity is raised. Here is an actor who starred in many top grossers at the box office is being introduced as Aamir's new gal!

This shows that the social acceptability of the lady comes from the man she is related to. Women still change their names after the marriage. Either her father's name or husban's name along with her name is a must. As if she has no identity of her own. It may not be wrong but the fact is in modern society the indicidual has to be known for his/her achievement. It seems a distant future where a woman would be known for what she is herself and stand alone without the support of man. On that day India would have achieved another high.

Hope the Gajini does well at the box office and may be Asin brakes the mould and steps out as more than Aamir's new gal!

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