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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why Buddys Are Important

We went shopping in April to Sapna Book Depot in Jayanagar 4th Block to redeem some coupons we won in our college competetions. We had about Rs. 2500/- to spend on nothing but stationery and books. I had decided not to go to the fiction section this time. One of my friends was at the pen corner in the shop and was asking for different models in a particular price range. This guy was rude, discourteous and behaving as if he was doing it for free. My friend was very courteous and patient. The way he put pens on the table, looked at the person, his body language everything was unacceptable. This was where I had to step in. No one likes to be treated rudely with ill manners. So what if the person buying is different and I am just a buddy?

Most of the times you find that the salesmen end up giving too much importance to the person who has the wallet or dresses well. May be that day all others who accompany the buyer are not digging into their pockets but the attitude decides whether I want to come to your store or not. Yes if treated well I would trace my steps back. If not I would remember that for sure. Many times it happens when you go to the store, restaurants, window-shopping with friends or family or when you are just showing them around. People behave as if they are being charged to smile.

Your attitude matters. It happens in the interviews as well. You need to be courteous and attentive to all the people in the panel and not only with the one in the suit or sitting in the centre. It shows what you are made of.

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