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Monday, June 9, 2008

What do you define as the good Customer Service?

Ohris at Banjara Hills at Hyderabad entertains the best of the late night crowd who can afford 50 bucks for a glass of 200 ml coke. A decent lunch here for two would cost you about 600 bucks. Last Sunday we were here catching up with my friends. We had ordered for Hot and Sour Chicken soup along with a few other items. After what seemed like eternity and reminding about 10 times we got Sweet Corn Chicken soup and the waiter kept insisting that we ordered the same and not the Hot & Sour version. The manager arrived and repeated the same. The pain was not that the soup was not being exchanged but the blame was thrust on us! Now that is what a customer can never accept, even if he is to blame.

You don’t blame a customer and call him wrong. If you are wrong apologize as its mistake. If he is wrong again apologize as it would satisfy his ego and save a scene. Good customer service aims at understanding a customer and providing what he needs. Not sticking to the rules and showing your power as you have the rule book supporting you. And yes we got a free soup.

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