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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Waiting for Rahul

When Mahatma Gandhi came to India to participate in Indian Freedom Struggle he was sent on a 'Bharat Dharshan' tour by Gokhale. Gandhi later described that this was the best advise he got. To SEE and LEARN for himself the people he is going to work for. The young Gandhi is following the same path. If his entry into strong political Dias is delayed he may be a wasted wonder.

Brands have to fulfill and meet the expectations of the people. You release it too early or too late you may loose the charm. How you decide the time will depend on how good your research department is and the accuracy with which you can judge the pulse of the public. Everything lies in the timing, like comedy.

Pic: Den


Rajiv S Perumal said...

your rite on that...
n yeah, guess politics wudn be a bad industry for a marketer after all... lolz... ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks Maverick for the comment.

Everything is selling :)