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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Treating Customers

Don’t you love to get all the attention when you go around? You must have seen many doctors in your life but which one do you remember? Which shop comes to your mind when you need something? Why do you feel happy when you talk to your mom, your love, your child?

Because they treat you as special. They know your name, taste, mood and care for that. They know what you want. They smile at you. They TALK to you. They treat you well. That makes you come to them, think about them, prefer them over others.

The same applies to marketing. Treat ordinary people with extraordinary care. Let them know that you treat them as special and dear. You have won yourself with a life time customer.

The same applies to PR skills. Smile at your customers, smile while talking on phone. Smile when you serve. Smile when the customer is irritating. Smile when you are tired. Smile to the people who talk to you. Wish people. Remember Birthdays, anniversaries, occasions, etc. Let people know you actually are noting all this and making an effort to let them feel special. The same will be reciprocated.

That’s why you remember the particular doctor, go to the particular shop, love eating chat at the same tela, go to the same theatre, talk to the same people and buy the same brand.

So are you going to make some people feel special today?

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