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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Scared of Inflation? Think Again!

The Indian people and the government are both quaking with fear with inflation hovering at around 8%. The people can barely make two ends meet with prices soaring, and the government knows that if prices don't fall, the government will.
But India is not the only nation grappling with rising inflation. The entire world is.

Worlds worst hit:

  1. Zimbabwe: 355,000%

  2. Iraq: 53.2%

  3. Guinea: 30.9%

  4. San Tome and Principe: 23.1%

  5. Yemen: 20.8%

  6. Myanmar: 20%

  7. Uzbekistan: 19.8%

  8. Democratic Republic of Congo: 18.2%

  9. Afghanistan: 17%

  10. Serbia: 15.5%

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