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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Puttur Medicine

The importance of traditional medicine in our culture and our customs is very high. Traditional herbs have been the source of most medications for ailments during the vedic times. ‘Puttur’ brings to one’s mind the families traditionally engaged in bone-setting and treating similar orthopaedic disorders. The name of the herb used by them – a closely-guarded secret among the families – is now known, with the great grandson of its discoverer making it public.

‘Kasavinda aaku’ or ‘Koalla Thulasi’ (‘cassia occidentalis’ for botanists) is the leaf which is ground into a thick paste and applied on the limb for treating a broken bone or a twitched muscle. Kandalam Gopala Raju of Puttur was believed to have brought the leaf to light and also used it for mass application in 1880.

I have tried this personally and it is better than the doctors medicine for sprains and boken bones.

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