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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Painful Customers

Some customers wait for a chance to make a hue and cry. At the drop of a hat they create a nuisance. Some stop at shouting at the executive, some use foul language, some demand for an apology, some write a complaint. All of these people have something in common. They are not happy with the service being provided and want a redressal. Once this is addresses they stop complaining. I am not pointing to the few who keep shouting and want to fire the executive and so on.

To diffuse this situation you need to first apologize. No matter whose mistake it is, apologize. Then listen to them patiently, check what pains them and address it. Be careful about what you speak.

Few observations about the people who crib:

· They are tired, unhappy, childish
· Carry burden, emotions, stress
· Work in the service sector
· Stinking rich & feel they own everything
· Attention seekers
· Egoistic

If you have any suggestions do comment.

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