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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Negative Feedback

Sometimes you are subjected to strong negative feedback. Don’t feel bad about it. You may find these pointers useful in handling it.

  • Listen patiently as to what the person has to say
  • Find out what are the mistakes
  • How could, should this be done
  • What could have been avoided
  • What are the pain areas
  • What are the OK areas
  • Background of the person giving it
  • Time, place, situation, audience, purpose of the feedback
  • Is it being compared? If yes, what can you learn from it
  • Ask what they expect from you
  • Be polite, patient
  • Make notes

Negative feedback means:

  • You have underperformed, people expect more from you
  • You could have performed better
  • Proper thinking, planning, implementation was not given
  • First rate person doing second rate work

Last of all make it a point to improve and check if it pleases them or you can simply forget and move on. These people actually took some time and want you to improve.

People who give negative feedback help you improve.

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