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Sunday, June 8, 2008

MBA vs Self employment

You must have seen many people self employed like this. This is just to prove a point. This water melon vendor is operating for the last 20 years and is well known in Hyderabad. The mint road melon as it is called is a tela on which he sells them. The old man and his two sons work from 10 in the morning till about 6 in the evening. They sell about 500 melons every day in summer. In other seasons they sell other seasonal fruits.

Let’s take the melon sale for calculation. Each melon will be cut in to 20 – 30 pieces depending on the size of the melon. Each piece costs Rs. 6/-. So that is 500 melons * 20 pieces * Rs. 6 = Rs. 60000/- per day. Now the season lasts for about 6 months but the sales do vary. Lets say the serious season is for 4 months i.e. 120 days. So the earning is 120 * 60K = Rs. 72 lakh at the minimum. I am not even counting other seasons and the earnings.

Whats more this is not taxable, at his own choice, no boss, and office and so on.

Compare that to my MBA salary :(

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