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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Indian Pharma Business

M. Shankar writes in...

Ranbaxy was one of those majors in Indian pharmaceuticals industry, actually shaping up well and nicely positioned to be really global in its operations. In fact, it reflected as an icon of pride in an average Indian's psyche. I am not sure any Indian would be jubilant about Ranbaxy being sold out to foreign interests. It is not about Ranbaxy going MNC now. In the context of India's huge population,health concerns and needs for quality health care and medicare, availability of a range of medicines and drugs is a critical issue. Ranbaxy, with an Indian identity, would have met that need fully. Would have even led medical research in a meaningful way relevant to the Indian masses. Commercial priorities being what they are, especially in international business, it is doubtful that Ranbaxy's role, seen in this context, will be as maintenable any more. Promoters anywhere decide their own priorities.

The only good thing is yet another Indian name goes among the richest. But,in a way, it is a dampener on India's growth aspirations! Take overs, mergers, acquisitions etc. of Indian companies, of any sector, by other globally rich and powerful corporate entities make good news on business pages, but they also rob the corporate's root-country's people of opportunities they might have otherwise had. Such activities may be normal in the corporate world, but commitment to one's own society could also prevail over lucrative deals. This pattern of globalization does not do us good.

Brand value helps you to get more investments and pool them to fund more research, distribution network, downsize costs and reduce prices. All this is possible only if the company wants to do so. If all they are looking for is profit then it does us no good.

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