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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Image Sells

Image does play an important role in getting the candidacy, be it in politics or in sports or in office.

A student with good grades stands a better chance over others. A batsman gets iconic status and more pay package as it happened in the IPL. An established actor a better role (Aamir Khan once mentioned he could pick and choose the roles only after 10 years into his career), a well dressed person better seat in a restaurant, respect and so on. So image is important to get through the initial hurdle. The package helps sell the product, the presentation and decoration the dish, the ice the cake and so on. It applies to everything you see in daily life, both products and services. Even if the actual product is good it may not sell if the package sucks. The first look, feel, sound, touch i.e. the first impression or interaction should be something that would be remembered. It should have an impact, a strong one so that it generates the momentum to push the deal.

But only time will tell if the effort was worth it and the choice was correct. When selecting one needs to look beyond the visible and then take the decision.

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