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Monday, June 30, 2008

ICICI Bank wins. Again.

When ICICI Bank announced in April that it would skip annual rituals like promotions or large-scale bonus payouts this year, there was a general sense of disbelief.

After all, India's largest private sector bank was going against the conventional wisdom that the Great Indian Salary Boom will continue despite the slowdown signals. The general consensus was that ICICI Bank was being foolish as the talent shortage and emergence of new job opportunities will ensure an exodus from the bank.

ICICI Bank, however, went ahead and gave a moderate 8 per cent increase in salaries (11 per cent last year), skipped promotions and slashed bonus payouts. Three months later, Ram Kumar, ICICI's group head of human resources, says the bank's attrition rate hasn't gone up -- even marginally.

In short, the Great Indian Salary Boom story will have to take a pause for at least some time to come. The economic boom in the last four to five years meant companies had to go in for premium pricing of manpower and sometimes 'overskill' themselves, as no one wanted to miss out on the opportunity the economic growth could provide.

ICICI Bank also did just that.

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