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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Haloed Brands

I was driving in traffic this morning found everyone avoiding a particular vehicle. There was a 2 feet gap around the vehicle as if there was a hole in the traffic. As I moved on I saw the reason. It was an black Audi A6 with the numbers APxx x 9999. Then I remembered the tag line of Sarkar Raj : Power is holding someone else’s power in your hand and showing it to them! How true!

Some Brands evoke respect, some power and some even fear. Either ways people acknowledge. No one wanted to go anywhere within the touching distance to the Audi as they feared it. May be a dent would cost my Pulsar? Your value is determined by what you have and is visible to others. It was the price tag, the brand that gave the Audi the halo. As my Professor Ray says, “The best thing you would ever sell is YOURSELF”

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