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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fuel Price Rise: The Snowball Effect

The fuel price is going to rise today. If you think you are only affected only in the fuel expenses, you are mistaken. The entire transport system is going to get effected which will lead to inflation and you end up paying extra for everything you are buying or using. Let’s see how.

Fuel price increases transportation costs resulting in the rise of prices of goods like milk, packaged water, food, consumer goods, imports, construction, etc. and services like air travel, courier, medicine and so on. The common man may try to avoid the fuel price rise but he would be burdened.

How do the fuel outlets fight this out? Well Club HP outlet in Hyderabad has found a way to please its customers. They are giving away Dettol soaps for every 200 rupees fuel purchased. Now that’s smart.

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