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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Drop in the Ocean

Today I was watching a documentary on Mother Theresa’s live and this quote made me think. What I do may be a drop in the ocean but the ocean is not complete without me. How true? Whatever position you may hold in your organization you ARE important and without you working the organization is not complete. So are you making your organization proud?

Napoleon used this principle to perfection. He bestowed his attendants with high sounding names and call them by name to make them feel special. The servant who changed the sheets on his bed was called ‘The In charge of Royal Chamber’ or ‘The Royal Chamberlain’. He was given a purple dress and decorated with medals and was allowed to eat at the Royal Table. No wonder people loved to work for him. So how many people know you by name. How many security people wish you? How many housekeeping staff do you know by name? Does your team love working for you or sulk at your sight?

Time for some amendments.

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