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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Delloitte's Impact Day

Employees of Delloitte Hyderabad spent the last Saturday with school children in different parts of the city for a change from their office, computers, targets and work pressure. They sang songs, danced, enacted skits, told stories, distributed books, chocolates, sketch pens, and what not. Their visit is a part of the CSR activities and has been acclaimed for its integrity and passion with which Delloitte carries it out. Not long ago they were cleaning roads and helping traffic policemen.

When people in responsible positions make it a point to go out and bring a change in the lives of others it is a welcome measure. Many cities in India have multi-storeyed buildings and people working in air-conditioned offices who act oblivious to the slums and suffering of the people around them. Instead of turning a blind eye they could step out and help them. With great relationships you get something more.

Delloitte’s day out was optly called Impact Day. Now the point is who had the impact: the children or Delloitte! Good work Delloitte.

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SkyLark said...

Chala bagundhi ra ee blog.. Only when we realise what we have to do, we can see a better India..

Lets see what we can do for it now..