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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dare Devils in Real Life

There are many other unsung heroes who deserve a place in the list of Dare Devils. The mother who toils 10 hours doing manual labor apart from household work, raising her children, tolerating her drunkard husband is a daredevil. The love of a mother who acts as a shield to save her baby from the falling ceiling in an earthquake is a dare devil. Any women who braves the traffic and works in offices full of politics, harassment, pressure and still manages to run a house hold is a dare devil.
Sarah's house maid earns Rs. 3000/- working in 5 different houses for hours. Yet when she found a new born child in a dustbin she brought the kid home. There were several onlookers people who were jogging, rich people, poor people all standing there but no one picked up. She did. She has been raising him as her second son and very few know that he was found in a bin and not her child. She is not Anjelina Jolie or Madonna. I would call her a daredevil.
There are several people whose acts of kindness at times when they are least expected. They are the real daredevils.

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