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Thursday, June 19, 2008

'Breaking' News

Journalism has reached a point where crime and violence as projected as ‘breaking news’. Journalists spend hours waiting to get the juiciest version so that their channel gets the maximum viewership and TRP ratings. This is a sorry situation. There should be restraint and caution before defaming any particular person and character. Moral values are at stake and press appears in no time if there is crime or something that would feed to the curiosity of sex-blinded audience. But they show a different treatment if the news is about a social cause or a good deed. Advancement of technology has only added to the situation. There should be a panel set and strict rules should be formulated to check as to what should be mentioned, reported, when it should be reported and so on. Only the official statement after proper investigation should be released from responsible people. Press should not be allowed to speak to every Tom Dick and Harry for opinion and broadcast it. This only will add to the confusion and opinion forming.

Media should not be allowed to SHOW how the crime was committed in the form of a documentary as if it was the Dandi march of the Mahatma. Many channels broadcast these sleazy, extremely detailed versions and enact the crime on the screen. Doing this is no different from selling porn.

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