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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bed of Roses

For many, life is not a bed of roses. We normally turn a blind eye to these realities. This kid sells cane juice on Kukatpally main road opposite to Swagat Restaurant. He is 7 years old and studies in a government school. He stands second in his class and you can see his 20 teeth when he says this. His dad lost his right palm in the same machine about a year ago and is on the left side. So the son helps him. This is a very straining, hazardous job and he has no qualms about it. He said he likes it because he gets to help his parents and a 3 year old sister. What does he do for fun? He plays marbles, plays with his sister. He plans to land a government job some day. That’s some knowledge.

Next time you find some one like this just talk a little. You will see them opening up. After all these are all stars… Taare Zameen Par. Also check if you can sacrifice your burger, coke for a day? Or am I asking too much? Life is not always about minting money.


Unknown said...

Really sensible one.After having so many privileges in life, i still worry about everything. This post made me think postively.Thanks for the posting.

Unknown said...

Thanks Sarah. Yes, only loosers complain.