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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wassup in the Next Year?

Let me start with something I am very good at: Predicting!

Just observe the newspapers from today till the elections and you will find that the days are no longer safe and a lot of bad things are happening all around. Many papers including the conservative ones will have their front page headlines with the words like: ‘Dead’, ‘killed’, ‘accident’, ‘food shortage’ and all other negative words that send a chill down your spine and make you feel insecure and emotional. Then there would also be things that would make you feel more loving, caring and more emotionally blackmailing you to either vote against or for the party in power. The signals are always there in every democracy to prove a point or two and make people vote for someone or the other. Its just a matter of time as to whom would the people choose to vote for. This target audience is blackmailed emotionally to think either its time to change for a new party which would provide a safe and secure life.

If you are looking for a proof then you need to count the number of accidents in rail and road that made it to the first page in the last 2 years and take an average. You will find that the next year count will definitely exceed it.

This is usually used by marketers of FMCG products, especially health related ones. Do you remember the soaps ads showing germs crawling all over, toothpaste, shampoo and the latest ‘dust busters’ ad of ACs. So folks! Let’s wait and see if my observation is gonna be correct.

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