Google+ Consumer Psyche: Surrogate Advertising or Just Playing Smart!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Surrogate Advertising or Just Playing Smart!

MTV recently went on air showing the new AXE ad which contained some clips that were objectionable to the ‘traditional’ Indian culture and sentiments. So the Sensor board came to the rescue of the aam aadmi by issuing the channel a stern warning and asking it to stop broadcasting such ads on TV.

What did MTV do? They put a scroller the next day across all programs(24 hours) that said, “MTV is issued a warning by Sensor Board for broadcasting New AXE Deodorant advertisement as it contained objectionable stuff ”. The New AXE Deodorant advertisement was in quotes. Any netizen would have been rompted to search for it on Youtube and seen it there. How clever! And what a coverage for the ad!
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