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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Vodafone’s new ad!

What would you do when you want to make it to the front page and not spend a rupee for it? Make someone comment and ensure it gets enough coverage in the press. Look at this for an example.

Animal activists are up in arms against the new ad of Vodafone claiming that the cute lil’ pug was ‘made to run on a crowded street behind a speeding bus endangering its life’ and ‘running causes the pug critical as it is known to have respiratory problems’. Something like this were published in the press and discussed on TV and all channels clambered to show this particular ad during prime time. They even said a notice was issued against Vodafone on this issue. And after about a week no one has any problem with the same and what happened to the notice.

Some questions about the Ad: What simple observation would tell you!

· The ad was shot on a deserted street (No traffic)
· The school bus was literally crawling on the street (Just observe the wheels of the bus going very slow just as the pug appears on the left side chasing the bus)
· It’s a down hill track, so the pug was not struggling at all!
· The ad shows the pug running only for 3 seconds. If this causes respiratory problems then all pugs should be kept in cages!
· If they a problem with this ad what about the ads of ‘Microsoft Original software’?

So it’s not actually the pug people are worried about! It’s about the TRPs and battle for primetime and Cover page! Again cheap but it works!


SkyLark said...
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SkyLark said...

This is the best I have seen in all your blgs in here..

This is how the companies play for publicity.

Keep going..