Google+ Consumer Psyche: Vodafone users are dumb!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vodafone users are dumb!

Vodafone users are dumb!

Thats what the ad seems to tell me. Our service is so bad that you need to call customer care and depend on us.

Vodafone users cane remember where the other sock is! They cant remember that they need to wear a tie.. which they do everyday! They cant ride a bike. They cant catch a fish, cant find a gluestick to send the mail, can tplan a thing and constantly need assistance.

I will go to airtel!

Sometimes if you donot plan properly you might be sending wrong messages to the people at your own risk. Some competitor might hit back at you very easily!


SkyLark said...

Hey Hero..

Its not that they are dumb, it says, in those situations also, Vodafone could be of some assistance..

Also, its not a daily affair that u keep forgetting stuff, that u regularly do, but even in those hard days, Vodafone is there to help u.. :)


Piyush said...

it also shows that they are going in market(spl. rural) where in the user are not aware of things and are assisted by the CCE
these things are subjective nd cant be generalized

Himanshu Tomar said...

Well 2 ways of looking at something....

For me the vodafone resembles to something that gonna help me in all possible ways.... When you are careless and you miss something they will help you, like forgetting you bill payment....

When you dont have time, they will help you in that like the facility of auto debit....

ya the only thing that i think is worth mentioning is that after hutch was taken over by vodafone, the dog has gone on a job rotation.... before he just use to follow and now he is happy to help.....

This shows vodafone is a good company to work.... if a dog can be covered under job rotation policy why not employees....... ;-)

Bye take care and keep blogging.....