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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Many clothes make the dhobi rash

This is a proverb in Urdu in Hyderabad: ‘Kapade jyada aane se dhobi ka muh jyada bolega’.

Three of my team went to a supermarket to buy a water bottle but the guy there acted as if we didn’t exist! Because we were giving him business worth 20/- which obviously he was not interested. No the store was not busy nor was we rude. The entire body language and attitude of the guy was wrong. You must have seen this when you go to any retail outlet when the person is busy or has many customer or has made a good sale that day. The attitude changes and the sales person will act rash and careless indifferent to the fact that YOU pay the amount and can opt to walk out.

One such experience can make you skip the store. What does this tell us? The customer is the KING and wants to be treated that way. The respect and care shouldn’t change with the item he is buying or the way he is dressed. He is in control and you may actually loose a customer for good. What you need to realize is that the fact that good profitable relationships were built over some time but can be ruined with one incident like this. What need to be your scale of measuring the value of a customer is his life-time value and not the particular sale.

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