Google+ Consumer Psyche: Make way for the new Prez Obama!


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Make way for the new Prez Obama!

Its almost clear that Obama is leading the race for the US President. But I salute the spirit and passion of Hillary. How she follows her campaign! Anyways history will be made. So what I expect is Obama for the prez and Hillary for the vice-prez. That would be a dream come true, for both! Make way for Obama!

If this happens and if Obama’s signals are to be heeded there would be less and less projects coming to India as they would be directed to other nations. With new talent coming up in the form of China, Vietnam and other such nations we will have a tough time in continuing the same lifestyle and we definitely need a back up! So better start working on alternative technologies and skills that would keep your valet full even when the IT shifts its base.

So what’s your back up plan?

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