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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

IPL winners?

Who will end up as the winner of the DLF IPL’s first season? The answer is simple: ALL.

Players are getting their fees paid in crores, stars and icons have their moolah, small players have a platform to expose their talent and fulfill their dream of playing International Cricket.

Franchisees can get the players act for their companies and promote their products or brands: Bangalore ROYAL CHALLENGErs are the best example.

Companies who are sponsoring the players and teams have their dream come true. Ponting and Saurav in the same ad? Dhoni and Muralidharan in the same ad? Combinations that are otherwise impossible to get or too costly and risky have come true. Where else can you see Sachin and Sanath getting blessings from Bal Thackery!

So what is in it for you and me, the general public? Four hours of exciting, unadulterated entertainment full of action, bollywood, WWF, FTV and if all this doesnot excite you, groove in to Sivamani’s beats!

So in all it’s a Win-Win situation!

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Sandeep Kumar.P said...

IPL as its is said is more an acronym of Indian PAISA league rather than Indian premier league. every one is happy at the end of the day atleast in the 1 st season.
for the cricket lovers in India its a treat an entertainment in complete form.