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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

IPL may twist!

"You are making fools of us, Mr. Holmes!" – ‘The valley of fear’

I discussed what happens when reality shows don’t sell... throw in some masala, tears politics and TRPs zoom. Then what is the solution for IPL?

So are you bored of too many IPL matches and miss the cheerleaders?

Did you forget the Slapgate scandal? Good… what you are looking for is some more masala!

Criticize SRK coming to the dugout! It will keep you busy for the next 4 days! Then what else?

Let Bangalore royal challengers win a game! OK for 2 days! (Do you know that they will be ending this IPL season with 3 matches with a really big win!)

Then? Ask Kapil or Saurav or Warne or the usually silent Dravid to comment strongly on something! Fodder for 3 days!

Bring McCullan back! 3 days bliss!

Then time for some on-field action
(Controversy Time: Hit or kick someone, blame games, accusations, etc.)

Quick facts of tomorrow!

• Next few matches will see some players sledging, bodyline bowling, good proven fielders dropping some simple catches, unknown players making it big in runs and wickets!

• Controversial decisions by empires on field that change the match flows!

• Crowds will throw things on to the field and stop proceedings for some time

• Saurav will walk in late to the field. Again

• The ultimate one would be a match fixing scandal being unearthed, some players banned for taking drugs, fight with local media, or some big issue which would run for a year once the IPL season is over to keep the issue alive till the next edition!

So keep guessing and keep watching! Is Sidhu listening???

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