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Friday, May 23, 2008

Crime Sells

I think it is sickening to see people kill and do criminal acts on screen or do we enjoy it?

I think people enjoy it!
· Look at the fight scenes in the movies, public, parliament
· Late night shows about how a criminal acted, why he did and sometimes they enact it on screen. Extremely detailed description is given about the act as if they are glorifying it
· A child crying and begging attracts no attention but two people fighting gathers a group enjoy! Some even join!

The moral of the story is pain, crime sell. As a marketer you need to understand how to use this to position your product! How efficiently you do it decides your success.

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SkyLark said...

ye ra psychology lo kuda cheruthunnavaa enti?? Motham posts anni alantive raasthunnav.. Wats the matter mate