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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

CHINA clouded by PAK?

"Right!" said I. "Right on both points! But I confess that I don't see how you arrived at it. It was a sudden impulse upon my part, and I have mentioned it to no one."

- The Sign of Four

China has been lurking closer and building all the nuclear capacities to clean swipe Northern China and Southern Russia all these days and you have done nothing to counter it?

How do you cover up a huge miss out!

What happens when this is out in news and every one comes to know about it?

How do you answer 100 crores population? What would pump their confidence back? What would shift their focus?


- Successfully test 2 missiles from ISRO
- Bring up an emotional issue (This time a lady is appointed as the head of the missile program., my sincere apologies as I know she is deserving!)
- Shift the focus to Pakistan (Report disturbances at the border, firing, peace talks, and other stuff)
- Talk about Srilanka, Indonesia or some other country to shift the focus!
- Talk about Chandrayaan!
- Talk about some controversy! Fraudsters, cases, stars, and so on

Do you see my logic? It really works! As far as I am concerned I am planning to learn Chinese!

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