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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Brand Recall or For the sake of art?

Did you know Sharukh had to run behind Gauri for winning her heart or that Hrithik put a platinum eternity band in a cup of coffee in CCD in Mumbai to make Susan fall for him! Do you know what Kajol likes to eat for dinner or what happens when Shankar Eshan Loy have a difference with each other? Well tune in to any reality show and you will find these ‘out of work’ stars hosting and judging people who are 10 times more talented and perfect performers and giving them feedback and compliments and may be try out a jig or two with them on the stage.

When you see this happen simply understand that they either have no recent hits or something is coming up from their end or may be a new movie is releasing that week or they are simply out of work and are desperately seeking popularity through the show. Remember Ajay and Sharukh being all over your TV before their movie, Aamir Khan and Darsheel before TZP? Do these people come to these shows for improving their career or for the sake of art?

Audience simply laps up these shows for the stars and sleep happily!

Cheap trick but it works!

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