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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Blogging on compulsion!

When Amitabh introduced bell bottom trousers the nation followed him. He danced they too did. He cried on screen they wept. He sang they partied.
When he blogged, same reaction! God knows how much Bigadda is paying him per blog!
What seems to be a fun activity is becoming a compulsion for many stars to take time out and blog their mind out. Aamir, Salman, Shobaa and God knows who will be the next. But I can tell you Sharukh will be the last to join the bandwagon. Why? He loves to let others fight and then kill the winner :) So keep watching...

The other side of blogging is that you get a chance to interact with your favorite star without any cost, effort or hurdle. When this gains importance in the long run all the tabliods with 'exclusive' will fail to sell as the audience will be able to see through the cooked up stuff while they get the pure stuff from the blogs.

The result: Good for the ppl, stars. Bad for the magazines.

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